[ACNH]Paula&Bam, Easter, Nintendo Switch Online






  1. The beginning
  2. Easter Day
  3. The First house extension
  4. The First Visit (Nintendo Switch Online)
  5. Review

1. The beginning

started with
1) The Nook family
2) Two starting villagers
3) One campsite
There are a lot of residents today, so I didn’t notice that the first residents were Paula and Bam. And, There are a lot of weeds and trees. When did I put it up clean?

2. Easter’s Day

I gathered and decorated event furniture quite a lot because of round and pastel-toned, even if I don’t collect usually.
During the title of animal crossing: new leaf, eggs were collected and could exchange eggs for furniture.
In this time, We can collect recipes and make them into eggs (more complicated)
My island is autumn, set in the Southern Hemisphere.
If it were Spring Easter Egg, views would have been more beautiful because it would have blended with cherry blossoms.

3. The First House Extension

Nintendo switch is given one by one. So Cute.

I had a souvenir space. I forced each person who comes to the island to carry a souvenir.
But It’s gone now

4. The First Visit (Nintendo Switch Online)

The first time that I communicate with my friend Dam with Nintendo switch online.
I had a hard time paying because my account was Japanese.
Now Dam sold her switch, So she’s gone.(She’s gone♪)

“Welcome to Animal Crossing -Dam-“
Here are So’s island and the radish field. There’s a lot, but it’s neat.
How much is all this radish sold? I think I will be rich.

A rhino in the garden next to his house, it’s cute
He can’t get out of there because it’s blocked to the left side too!

5. Review

  • The background is changed, from town to island.
  • Unlike Animal Crossing: new leaf, we can go to each other’s island. Collaboration is possible but we need to pay for Nintendo Switch Online.
  • The Northern/South Hemisphere choice
  • The new content: Recipe and reformation furniture, making decorating more fun.
  • On the other hand, it feels harder to collect bells than the previous title.
  • Character, clothing design, furniture design, etc. have become more delicate and beautiful, widening the scope of customization.